THANK YOU SUZANA for giving me smile!


This one page website is done as a huge thank you to Suzana Stone.


She is not denture only specialist - she is an artist!!!!!!!!! I was so lucky to get my smile to put into her hands. Truth is after losing my teeth I had three pairs already done by other denture clinics and frankly more expensive and so bad that I was redoing them in only few years time - 3 pairs. Cost me fortune. I only knew about existence of artist like her - I would fly from Adelaide and still save money.


I couldn't believe my luck when I met Suzana. I was referred to her from fantastic dentist who is treating my mum - Dr Moses Lee from Platinium Smile. Such a pleasure to meet the best people who really care.


You need to prepare yourself though, for quite a lot of visits. Don't expect that this sort of art is done over night.


However, when it comes to your smile, don't trust anyone! Don't throw alway your money with other dentures...I couldn't believe how affordable her service was with quality she does. No wonder she does not need advertisment and she is always booked. I am quite sure that in time it will take really months to get into her capbable hands.


Murray Denture Clinic

Meet Suzana Stone - denture designer.


Please if you read this ...just remind her about me and my love in heart towards her job.

My name is Ula and she will remember me I hope :) I usually won't accept clients for small websites at all as I specialise in software online. However Suzana deserves much more than flowers or a card, so I decided to create this little page as thank you. She gave me live when I felt so old and ugly. Most important she make me believe that there are still people like myself who work hard and they are proud of what they do the best. And yes she is an artist and wonderful warm lady!


THANK YOU SUZANA - I COULDN'T DO JUST CARD! You are worth millions :)

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