Thank You Suzana for giving me a good reason to smile!


Suzana Stone is not only a denture specialist – she is an Artist!


I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to put my smile into her capable hands.

The truth is, after losing my natural teeth, I began the arduous process of finding the right dentures for me.

Trial and error saw me replace my dentures every couple of years through dissatisfaction with three other denture companies that were frankly, more expensive and far less talented than the pair I eventually received from the lovely Suzana. This exercise cost me a fortune in expense and worry. If I had discovered Suzanna at Denture Designs earlier, I would have flown from my hometown of Adelaide to Mandurah and still saved the heart-ache and cost of all of those other unsuitable dentures!


I was referred to Suzana by a fantastic dentist who at the time was treating my mum Dr Moses Lee from Platinum Smile introduced me to Suzanna and I couldn’t believe my luck!

It’s such a joy in life when you meet people with the same virtues, care and professionalism as you yourself aspire to achieve.


When it comes to your smile – don’t just trust anyone! The comfort and look of your new dentures needs to go the long haul, providing value for money and a smile that you are comfortable to show in public. This kind of work won’t happen overnight, there will be a few visits to achieve perfection, but the work is VERY affordable and the results speak for themselves.


With very little advertising, Suzana is always booked and has increasingly less time available for new clients.


Suzana deserves much more than flowers or a card, which is the reason I have designed this website as a thank you gift.


I usually don’t accept clients for small websites as I specialise in software online and SEO, but I did execption and I have created this small website as thank you to letting the world know about how wonderful this lady is! Her personal service and the gift she has in creating dentures have given me the smile to live life to the fullest, instead of feeling old and ugly as I did before I met her.

Most importantly – she has given me hope for the people out there like me, who work hard, are proud of what they do best – and NEVER compromise on quality.


Thank You Suzana!


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